Shirley Volunteer Fire Department

History and Mission

The Shirley Fire Department was created by volunteers in 1989 and it has since been housed at the Shirley Fire Hall, which is adjacent to the Shirley Community Hall. In 2005, the CRD formed a commission and took over the day-to-day oversight of the fire department.

The department is run on a volunteer basis and currently has 12 active members. Members attend weekly training sessions and keep their knowledge and skills up to date. Specialised training and professional firefighting courses are also available.

Our objective is to provide round-the-clock fire protection, emergency response, and public safety services in our community. We are committed to providing a prompt and professional response to a variety of emergencies and to minimising the risk of loss of life and property.

Some of our services include:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Rescue / Auto Extrication
  • Medical / First Responder
  • Fire & Life Safety Education

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